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Welcome to the website of the Experimental Economics Laboratory
at the University of Melbourne

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The Experimental Economics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne was officially opened on 23 August, 2007 by Professor Nilss Olekalns, Head of the Department of Economics, and Mr Grant Hehir, Secretary of the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF).

The laboratory was jointly funded by the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and the Department of Economics, as well as the Victorian Government, which made a significant financial investment. The aim of its opening was to promote the use of experimental methods in economics research and policy making.

The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 30 fully partitioned work-stations and a separate experimenter's office. The main software program used for experiments is z-Tree, but we have also run experiments using EconPort, VeconLab, as well as other types of in-house designed software.

The Experimental Economics Laboratory is open for use by both university staff members and other interested parties. All users need to follow the guidelines for laboratory use.

On March 26, 2009 an experiment run at the laboratory was featured on ABC's 'Catalyst'. Click here to view the programme (the relevant part starts at 5'.25").