If you would like to participate in experiments, you’ll first need to register. This requires that you read the rules for participation and privacy policy laid out below.

By registering, you are notifying researchers at the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Melbourne (and other affiliated institutions) that you are willing to participate in experiments and will adhere to all rules and regulations.

Rules For Participants

When you register to participate in economics experiments, your name will be added to our E2MU database. Once experiment sessions are scheduled, the system will randomly select a sub-pool of participants to invite to the experiment.

You will be notified via email if you are randomly selected to participate in an experiment. You will be permitted to participate in an experiment only if you receive an invitation.

If you receive an invitation, you will need to click on the registration link in the email to register for the particular session that you’d like to attend.

Once you register for a session, if you can no longer participate in the experiment you must immediately notify researchers via email ( . This will allow them time to find a replacement for you. Participants who do not show up for the experiment on time or who cancel their registration within 1 hour prior to the start of the experiment will receive a “no-show” penalty.

It is possible, but unlikely, that you will not be required to participate in the experiment when you arrive on the day of the experiment. This can happen if we have more people than the required number to fill the session. If this happens (and you have arrived on time) you will be compensated with a one-off payment of AU$10.

Each person who participates in an experiment will receive a payment (typically at the end of the session). The amount you receive may depend on the type of experiment, the decisions you make and the decisions made by others. All experiments aim to pay between AU$15 and AU$30 per hour on average.

Information for Participants

No-Deception Rule

The laboratory prohibits the use of deception in all experimental protocols taking place in our facility.

E2MU Database

  • When you register to participate in economics experiments, your data will be stored on the E2MU server. The data will be used for the limited purpose of organising scientific experiments.
  • The data may be shared with affiliated institutions for research purposes.
  • The data will be used only for the following purposes:
    1. To inform participants about new experiments and to invite them to participate.
    2. To check whether participants have shown up for the sessions they have registered for.
  • At any time, you may unsubscribe from our mailing list by either clicking the link at the bottom of each e-mail we send you or by sending an e-mail to In doing so, you will no longer receive invitations to participate in experiments.
  • Upon request, we will delete a participant’s data from our E2MU without restrictions. You may request deletion by sending an email to

Experimental Data

  • During an experiment participants generate data by making decisions. This data is analysed scientifically by the researchers conducting the experiment.
  • Note that there is no connection between the data collected during the experiments and the data stored on the E2MU server. Hence, the data is made anonymous and can longer be attributed to an individual. In this sense, participation in experiments is anonymous.
  • The data will be used for the creation of scientific publications and presentations.

For more information about the privacy policy for the University of Melbourne please refer to the privacy policy.