If you would like to participate in experiments, you’ll first need to register. This requires you read the rules for participation and privacy policy laid out below.

By registering, you are notifying researchers at Melbourne University’s Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and other affiliated institutions, that you are willing to take part in experiments and will adhere to all rules and regulations.

Rules For Participants

If you are selected to take part in an experiment you will be notified via email. Only those who receive an invitation will be permitted to take part.

If you receive an invite, you’ll need to reply via email to let the research team know you are able to participate. Please note that if you agree to take part in an experiment you must immediately notify researchers if circumstances change and you can no longer take part. This will allow them to find a replacement for you. In the past experiments have been cancelled because people who’ve agreed to take part have shown up late, or not shown up at all!

It is possible, but unlikely, that on the day of the experiment you will not be required. If this is the case, and you have arrived on time, you will be compensated with a one-off payment of $10. You receive if you are on time and able to participate in the experiment. 

Each person who takes part in an experiment will receive payment (typically at the end of the experiment). The amount will depend on the type of experiment, the answers you give, and the answers given by others.

In registering for laboratory experiments, you hereby agree to the following statements:

I have been informed that if I do not turn up, or turn up late, for an experiment I am enrolled in, I will not receive payment. In the case I am unable to attend an experiment for which I have been recruited, I will provide a minimum of 24-hours’ notice to the experimenters. Failing this, I will provide a written explanation outlining why I could not attend the experiment so as to not jeopardise my chances of being recruited for future experiments. The plausibility of my explanation will be evaluated by the experimenters who keep a ‘reputation score’ for all people who partake in experiments at the lab. Failing to turn up or turning up late and not notifying those conducting the research projects will be noted and will affect your chances of being recruited for future experiments.

Privacy Policy


  • The data entered in the E2MU experimental server will be used for the limited purpose of organising scientific experiments.
  • The data may be shared with affiliated institutions for research purposes.


We use the data for the following purposes:

–           to inform participants about new laboratory and internet experiments and to invite them to participate

–           to check whether participants at experimental sessions have shown up


  • There is no connection between the data collected in the E2MU experiments and the data stored on the experimental server.
  • At anytime, any participant may unsubscribe from our mailing list by sending an email to In doing so, they will no longer receive invitations to participate in experiments.
  • Upon request, we will delete a participant’s data without restrictions. To request deletion, send an email to with the title ‘unsubscription’.

Experimental Data

  • During an experiment participants generate data by making decisions. This data is analysed scientifically. To do this, the data is made anonymous and can no longer be attributed to an individual. In this sense, participation in experiments is anonymous.
  • The generated, anonymous data is used for creation of scientific publications and presentations.



For more information about the privacy policy for this webpage please refer to the University of Melbourne privacy policy.