Guidelines for Researchers

Click here to download a complete version of the guidelines as a pdf file.

This information is for academics who would like to conduct research using the E2MU Laboratory.

If you are interested in a list of our current researchers please check out our “Who We Are” page.

General Requirements

  • All researchers using the laboratory agree to abide to the principles widely accepted by experimental economists (see Friedman and Sunder, 1994).
  • All researchers using the volunteer database agree to protect the reputation of the laboratory to its subjects. This implies among others that experiments should start on time and finish on time. Advertised experiments for which participants have been invited should not be cancelled nor should the advertised time/venue be changed.
  • Ethics approval must be obtained prior to running any experiments.

Booking the Laboratory

  • Researchers wishing to conduct experiments should fill out the Laboratory Usage Request Form and e-mail it to  Researchers may also book the laboratory for other purposes such as testing software. The Laboratory Manager will confirm availability and place a reservation in the Laboratory calendar.
  • The reservation must be made at minimum one week before the experiments are to be held to ensure that enough participants will attend.
  • During peak usage times, both laboratory time and the Laboratory Manager’s time will need to be shared fairly between researchers.  The policies for determining fair usage are outlined in the complete pdf version of these guidelines.
  • The Laboratory may be used on days when the Laboratory Manager is not working if suitable arrangements are made in advance.

New Researchers

New researchers can apply to use the Laboratory by filling out the following form: Lab Usage Request Form and e-mail to External researchers are welcome to apply.

Student Funding

Research students in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne can apply for funding to run experiments using this Student Research Grant Template.